Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Trailblazers. Visionaries. Disrupters. What does it take to get to the top of your industry? Find out and listen in on candid conversations with disruptive womxn leaders, shattering the myths of what it takes to get to the top of any career and find purpose. Hear the unfiltered and undeterred stories of fearless womxn who have shattered ceilings in their industries and changed the world we live in.

Mind The Ceiling is a podcast that gives you an inside look at their stories before they became iconic. Uncovering secrets to their success in moments that defined them growing up, finding purpose, and how they also learn to love and trust themselves. These are women who defy convention and pursuing their dreams in careers spanning from aerospace, technology, philanthropy, science, national security, fashion, and more!

Join host, Tamara Laine, every week for a new journey and new tips on how you can reach your goals and shatter ceilings.

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